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Panel antenna radiation and propagation example of the behavior of antennas

Welcome to our antennas & antenna related RF electronics focused store. We are the standard products sales branch of Myers Engineering International, Inc., a Florida licensed Professional Engineering firm specializing in electromagnetics and microwaves/radio frequency (RF) electronics and communications. All products featured in this catalog are made in the US by us, for the greater World, at our Margate, Florida facility. Many of our products are specifically designed and manufactured for International markets and applications to support our customers worldwide. Other products and services are offered to enhance our line of antennas and your particular application for them. Your suggested additions to our offerings on this Store are always welcomed and encouraged, as well as your ideas to make your shopping experience with us more rewarding. You are the reason we are here, thus we value your input greatly.

Within our store, we feature COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) products targeting Commercial, Consumer, Hobyist and Military applications, generally related to antennas and RF Communications.

If you do not find the solution you need here, or if you are looking for custom electromagnetic or RF solutions geared toward your specific application, the Myers Engineering International, Inc. website contains more relevant information; however, you may contact us for any questions or advice. Custom radiating systems, smart antennas and Microwave/RF electronics within the range of 5 kHz to 40 GHz represent more than half of our business.

We are currently expanding the diversity of our products: last year, we introduced Low Noise Amplifiers/SDR (Software Defined Radio) Front Ends and Diplexers. We are currently adding kits and means for you to build Arrays with existing antenna elements offered on our store for passive gain enhancement, direction finding and anti-jam applications. Next year (2024), our road map shall include small form factor, low power Microwave/Radio Frequency transceivers and modems for analog, digital and voice applications, in addition to more active RF electronics devices.