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Multifunction and Multiband Antennas combine the properties of multiple individual antenna element into a single, integrated package. Almost every individual antenna listed within this catalog can be combined into a single housing to meet complex communications demands and functions.

As examples of possible integrations, we can combine Iridium, GNSS and Wi-Fi or 4G capabilities within a single top hat antenna, or GPS, Iridium, Freewave (900 MHz) and Wi-Fi into the tail of an UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle), or in a UAV/UAS payload, or a combination Mini-GNSS + Mini-Iridium + GMDSS (406 MHz) safety & survival handheld stub antenna. Many other such mixtures of functions may be engineered, suiting diverse applications.

The antennas depicted below are all combinations of antennas listed under other categories within this site. Some include additional passive and/or active electronics to enhance desired operations. Our designer enjoys over 40 years experience developing and integrating smart, multifunction and multiband radiating and receiving structures. Contact us for your multiband antenna needs.

The most popular antenna combinations include elements from the following categories on this site:

    Satellite Data/Voice    
    Mobile Radio    
    Wi-Fi & V2X/CBRS    
    ISM & Unlicensed    

Examples of Custom Multiband/Multi-function antennas: (Request Form at bottom of this page)

Satellite + Land Omnidirectional Multiband Antenna
Satellite + Land Omnidirectional Multiband Antenna
Pentaband (5-band), 0.9-6 GHz Active Antenna Integration
Pentaband (5-band),
0.9-6 GHz Active Antenna Integration
Integrated Directional + Omnidirectional UHF Antennas
Integrated Directional + Omnidirectional Multifunction UHF Antenna Solution
Iridium + GMDSS (406 MHz) Combination Antenna
Iridium + GMDSS (406 MHz) Combination Stub Antenna

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Small Thuraya Antenna
Price: $165.21
Availability: Approx 7 days
Item #: UC-140A-T692L -

    Small Combination Thuraya Antenna Description Under development UC-140A-T692L Technical Specifications Frequency range: 1525-1560, 1625-1660 MHz/1565-1585, 880-960, 1710-1880 MHz Coverage: Hemispherical/Monopole Polarization: Left-Handed, Circular (AR 2 dB)/Linear, Vertical Gain: +3 dBic/0 dBil Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF) Input Power: 1 Watt CW/2 Watt CW VSWR: 2.0 Connector: 3x/2x U.FL female connectors on pigtails Dimensions: Housing 21 mm (0.81") OD x 63 mm (2.5") h ----------------------...

    Multifunction/Multiband Antenna Request Form

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