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Original antennas made in the US, by us, for the greater World

A selection of Military Antennas are offered as COTS under the specific categories below. We produce military antenna solutions within the range of 100 kHz (VLF) to 26 GHz (SHF). The listings are organized by use or relevant platform.

Our recent focus has been in the area of UHF Satcom-on-the-move. This year, we are expanding our focus and leveraging our technologies into wearable and antenna technologies that integrate multiple spectra, self-optimize or provide the user unique field information. We thus look to add a number of lightweight tactical antenna systems in the upcoming months.

We can customize any of the products herein, as they are designed and manufactured at our Florida facility. For highly specialized or multi-function needs, we regularly develop Smart or Intelligent Antennas that are adaptive and can perform to the instant mission needs, and over a wide range of frequencies. Call us at 954-345-5000 with any special requirement. CAGE Code applicable to all of our products is 0P0D1

CAGE CODE: 0P0D1' Military Antennas Page on Facebook

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