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Custom Antennas Request For Quote (RFQ) form. Please use this form to request a special antenna quotation.

We regularly design, develop and manufacture antennas for many applications anywhere within the spectrum of 100 kHz to 26 GHz. We have designed antennas used on vehicles, land, sea, underwater, air, space and certain challenging environments.

Instructions for filling the form below: Fill the fields that you know. . . as a minimum, quantity of antennas for the quotation, and a narrative description of what you desire the antenna to accomplish in plain English (Box: "Desired Gain, Pattern, Coverage, Goals:") is sufficient for us to complete the rest of the form and to provide the requested quote.

We specialize in the development of Wideband/Broadband, Adaptive/Intelligent/Smart antenna systems and Multi-band antennas. However, we also have many years of experience in embedded, low frequency and unusually shaped antenna structures. We also develop standalone and online Automatic Test Systems that collect, measure and analyze communications and electromagnetic signals in a production environment (conducted and non-conducted coupling). For any special requests not covered by the Form below, inquire by calling us at 954-345-5000, or email us at (or

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Custom Antenna RFQ

Answer only the parameters you are familiar with, we can help with the rest. We are also fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, if you prefer to enter data in any of the listed languages.
Minimum requirements for a quotation:

  • Contact information,
  • Quantity and
  • Description of desired custom antenna/goals (a narrative in plain English is OK).

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