Antenna Coverage Map Estimate
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    Antenna Coverage Map Estimate

    Single Antenna Coverage Map Estimate, at a single frequency and a single polarization (vertical polarization) for a single location, based on customer supplied installation data (height, support structure and world location) and model antenna. Before placing an order for services, please call to determine that you have all the necessary information, and that the request fits the service offered. Note that we reserve the right to reject any request that cannot be performed within the allocated price budget.

    For requests outside the purpose of this Sevice item, or for more complex, multi-band or multi-antenna installations/applications, please contact us for a quotation. Our firm is a Florida licensed Professional Engineer firm, specializing in wireless, radio, microwaves and antennas. For applications requiring a PE seal, please contact us for such projects, as they are outside the scope of this Service item.

    The above left image shows an example of the coverage map of a monoband, high-gain, 5.8 GHz, 90° sector Wi-Fi antenna, placed at a height of 6 meters (20 ft), facing South (away from a building), operating at the maximum FCC-allowed EIRP (Effective Isotropically-Radiated Power) level minus 1 dB. The light Green-colored areas represent the estimated extent where a Wi-Fi IoT (Internet of Things) device can readily connect and re-connect with the network. The light Orange-colored places represent the extent the IoT link can be maintained, while the connection is kept alive.

    The above image to the right shows an overlay of two patterns (Service item quantity = 2): the above example, plus another similar panel antenna facing North. In the example, the AP's (Access Point's) MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) engine arbitrates power allocation for each individual IoT device dynamically. Thus, the map shows the capability of the Wi-Fi network, but not the instantaneous coverage at any one time. In this case, the light Green areas have the same meaning as above, but the darker Green areas have the meaning of the Orange areas of the single antenna's map.

    Availability, specifications & prices subject to change without notice