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Below are Coaxial Cable Assemblies we offer in support of our antennas and RF products. Select the type of assembly below, based on a connector at any end of the RF cable: for example, if you need an RF cable with a Type N connector at one end and an SMA at the other end, you may select either "Type N Cable Assemblies" or "SMA Cable Assemblies" below.

Once the cable type is selected, further selections will help you build the rest of the cable assembly. If the RF cable you are looking for is not available below, or if you require a formal quotation, or need assistance, please call us or email. We shall be happy to help compose the coaxial assembly for you.

Our preferred coax choices are:

  • RG-316/U: A high temperature, flexible coax. Propagation Velocity is 0.695, Characteristic Impedance is 50 ohm
  • LMR-195* (or equivalent): A low loss, flexible cable. Propagation Velocity is 0.80, Characteristic Impedance is 50 ohm
  • LMR-240* (or equivalent): A high temperature, flexible cable. Propagation Velocity is 0.695, Characteristic Impedance is 50 ohm

Custom cable assemblies are available based on the following additional coaxial cables by special request:

  • RG-142/U
  • RG-402/U Semirigid or Conformable
  • RG-405/U Semirigid or Conformable
  • RG-178/U
  • RG-8/U, RG-8X/RG-8M
  • RG-58/U
  • RG-174/U
  • LMR-400*

The length, operating frequency and environment applicable to the assembly determines which of the above coax models, or others, is the best choice for your application. You can find our recommendation for each antenna and RF electronics product under the "Additional Information" tab, within the item's description. We stock other coaxial cables for special applications. If you are in doubt or have unique environment/mission considerations, please feel free to reach out to us for a suggestion.

* Registered Trademarks of Times Microwave Systems