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In this Category we list the available RF Power Splitters/Combiners and RF Switches available. This is a new section in our offerings (June 2022), as we increase the diversity of our antenna and radio communications related products and kits.

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SPLU-3004-704 UHF Satcom 4-way Combiner/Splitter
Price: $444.22
Availability: approx. 3-4 weeks
Item #: SPLU-3004-704 -

    UHF Satcom 4-way Combiner/Splitter Four-way RF Splitter/Combiner designed to add the energies of 4 UHF Satcom antenna elements. The combination of four properly spaced and aligned elements comprising an antenna array can produce a passive gain up to +15 dBic. Antenna elements may be 4 of our X-wings (UC-3004-381R or UC-3004-481R) and a reflector, or 4 of our MILSATCOM Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) Antennas, model UC-3004-531R (no reflector required). This splitter/combiner is compatible with both...