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About our Team is the standard products sales team of Myers Engineering International, Inc., a Florida licensed Professional Engineering firm specializing in the design and development of Antennas and Microwave/Radio Electronics.

All antennas and products featured in this catalog are designed, developed and manufactured in the US by us. This sales vehicle was introduced July 2006 as a means to offer Commercial "off-the-shelf" (COTS) and customizable antennas to the general public, OEM clients, and Government buyers.

Up to now, our focus has been on VHF and UHF antennas for Satellite, Mobile and Tactical applications. While we intend to keep focus in these areas, we are adding solutions elsewhere, such as LNAs, Filters and Diplexers. We plan to continue expanding the diversity of our product line in the years to come. . .

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, as they help us in determining the variety of products to offer. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

About the designer of our products

All Antennas and RF products within this catalog are designed by our founder, Dr. Myers, who received his first formal degree in Electronics at the age of 15, studying Radio and Television Electronics at a technical school, at night, while in High School. His fascination for RF and Antennas began after building his first radio receiver, from a kit he received on his 10th birthday. Dr. Myers' passion for anything Radio Frequency is just as strong today as it was back then, building with anticipation that first kit. To learn more about his credentials and background, visit his LinkedIn profile: Designer's LinkedIn profile/background

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