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Original antennas made in the US, by us, for the greater World

Antennas & Radio Electronics for a world of applications:' About Us page is the standard products sales branch of Myers Engineering International, Inc., a Florida licensed Professional Engineering firm specializing in the design and development of Antennas and Radio Electronics.

All antennas featured in this catalog are designed, developed and manufactured in the US by us. This sales vehicle was introduced July 2006 as a means to offer "off-the-shelf" and customizable antennas to the general public, OEM clients, and as other COTS alternatives for Government buyers.

We have been wanting to sell standard product for the last 5 years, but our Custom Antennas business activities have kept us occupied during that time. We are excited that this dream is now becoming a reality and have great plans for this catalog over the next few years. We hope to be adding at least one new and original product every month. You will also find us adding traditional items, particularly those that support our existing and planned upcomming primary products (Antennas). . . In the long term, we wish to become the place you come to when you seek goods and original solutions to enhance your experience with and enjoyment of any wireless equipment.

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