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Mailing List

June 28, 2009

Dear Visitor:

Thank you for your request to join our List. To subscribe to our Mailing List, please click on "My Account" at the top (Header) of any page and enter registration data.

Our policy on Mailing Lists is that we dislike Spam; we have thus never originated mass marketing emails. We have received numerous requests for participation in our Mailing List, to receive new product announcements. However we hope to support visitor requests for mailings; we respect your Inbox and do not wish our messages to become an unwanted intrusion into your email life.

To better address Mailing List requests, we have set up a Facebook page (see link below), where we will post new releases, updates and other useful information conveniently. This allows you to view posts at your convenience and desired frequency. If you are an avid Facebook user, you will be able to see our latest postings on your Data Stream (you can also inhibit their appearance, if you prefer to keep your Facebook landing page less cluttered).

You may also follow us on Twitter at: Twitter page. Both of these pages are a "work in progress", and we appreciate your patience in producing an up-to-date stream.

We appreciate your visit and your request for products, features and services that have enabled us to serve you better. Thank you

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