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UL-1702-W660, Medium Power LTE Antenna
Price: $241.20
Availability: Approx 7 days
Item #: UL-1702-W660 -

    Medium Power LTE Antenna description The UL-1702-W660, Medium Power LTE Antenna is designed to service the whole set of 4G LTE bands and services, from 700 MHz to 2200 MHz and frequencies in-between bands. It may be used in general purpose LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Cellular Modem applications, or with any mobile phone network compatible device. Its internal design supports RF power levels of 100 Watts average (CW). Its medium power level tolerance is beneficial in uses such as: Law Enforcement...

    Compact Directional Antenna, Black
    Price: $798.24
    Availability: Approx 6-8 weeks
    Item #: UL-350A-B354 -

      Compact Directional Antenna Description Leadtime: 2 Weeks ARO The UL-350A-B354 is a broadband, compact directional antenna, providing continuous communications coverage across the spectrum of 210-500 MHz. Its many applications include rapid deployment of emergency low-UHF communications, military LOS and SATCOM operations, frequency hopping and jamming sources, spectrum monitoring and management, surveillance, radio scanners, global and wide area SCADA systems and metrology. For example, use...

      Low Profile VHF Mobile Antenna
      Price: $341.23
      Availability: Out of Stock
      Item #: VL-1500-496-CF -

        Low-Profile VHF Mobile Antenna, Custom Tuned Model VL-1500-496-CF is a small VHF Antenna, Custom Tuned to your specified center frequency between 100 MHz and 300 MHz, designed for mobile platforms (vehicles) with height restrictions. Measuring only approximately 4" (10 cm) in diameter and 6" (15.3 cm) tall, this antenna is a very efficient Low Profile radiator. When installed properly on the metal chassis of a vehicle, the VL-1500-496-CF will perform comparably with a full size 1/4 wave...

        UL-4000-319-CF Custom Tuned Mobile Radio Antenna
        Price: $217.24
        Availability: Approx 3-4 Weeks
        Item #: UL-4000-319-CF -

          Lead time is typically 2 weeks Custom Tuned UHF Mobile Radio Antenna, Description This item is identical to UL-4600-319 and others in the -319 series of Mobile Radio Antennas, except that the tuned frequency is specified by the client for a specific need. Lead Time for this item is 2 weeks, to allow our technicians to make the required adjustments to the specified frequency. This is a broadband, rugged, mobile radio antenna featuring a high ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) isolation. With modest...