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Low Profile VHF Mobile Antenna
Custom Tuned VHF Antenna
Low Profile VHF Mobile Antenna
Bottom of antenna, showing NMO connector
VL-1500-496-CF mobile antenna on optional ACC-M496 mount
Optional ACC-M496 Magnetic Mount with tight chassis coupling

VL-1500-496-CF, Low-Profile VHF Mobile Antenna, Custom Tuned

Item #: VL-1500-496-CF-M496-NM
Availability: approx. 2 weeks
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Price: $388.69

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    Model VL-1500-496-CF is a small VHF Antenna, Custom Tuned to your specified center frequency between 100 MHz and 300 MHz, designed for mobile platforms (vehicles) with height restrictions. Measuring only approximately 4" (10 cm) in diameter and 6" (15.3 cm) tall, this antenna is a very efficient Low Profile radiator. When installed properly on the metal chassis of a vehicle, the VL-1500-496-CF will perform comparably with a full size 1/4 wave monopole antenna. For optimum operation, install near the center of a flat surface, such as the roof of a truck's cab or van with minimum approximately flat dimensions of a half wavelength square. We do not recommend the use of a magnetic mount or a trunk bracket mount.

    The VL-1500-496-CF VHF Antenna features a DC shunt connection to the chassis to help protect its attached radio from limited Electro-Static Discharge (you will measure a short circuit when measuring across its terminals with a multimeter).

    An electrically conductive chassis/ground plane is required for the proper operation of the VL-1500-496-CF Antenna. If the intended mounting surface is non-conductive, such as a fiberglass roof, line the underside of the non-conducting surface with a thin foil of any convenient metal (Aluminum is widely used). Ensure that the NMO mount contacts the chassis/ground plane/foil securely.

    • Frequency range: Specified single Center Frequency within 100-300 MHz
    • Bandwidth: 2 MHz (at 100 MHz) to 20 MHz (at 300 MHz)
    • Coverage: Omni-directional, low azimuthal ripple (1 dB)
    • Polarization: Linear, Vertical
    • Gain: +2 to +5 dBil, depending on choice of center frequency (gain when mounted on a large ground plane - asymptotic gain)
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm
    • Input Power: 50 Watts CW
    • VSWR: under 2.0
    • Connector: NMO, Female
    • Dimensions: 10 cm (4") average OD x 15.3 cm (6") h -- [OD: 9.2 cm (3.6") at top/11.2 cm (4.4") at base]
    • Mounting: NMO connector
    • Operating Temperatures: -40C to +85C
    • Weight: 300 g / 0.6 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 400 g / 0.9 lbs (shipped individually)

    • Requires a ground plane (normally mounts on a metal body)
    • Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice

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