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    Medium Power LTE Antenna description

    The UL-1702-W660, Medium Power LTE Antenna is designed to service the whole set of 4G LTE bands and services, from 700 MHz to 2200 MHz and frequencies in-between bands. It may be used in general purpose LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Cellular Modem applications, or with any mobile phone network compatible device. Its internal design supports RF power levels of 100 Watts average (CW). Its medium power level tolerance is beneficial in uses such as: Law Enforcement applications, deployment of temporary Emergency communications, lawful mobile phone jamming applications, etc.

    The threaded mount of this antenna is ideal for mobile, fixed, and certain airborne platforms. It may be used in conjunction with multiple port Cellular Modems, one antenna per port, to exploit MIMO features (MIMO = Multiple Input, Multiple Output), increasing data bandwidth, gain, noise reduction and signal path diversity. This is achieved through the combination of MIMO dynamic amplitude and phase adjustments, while employing multiple UL-1702-W660 antennas placed at different positions. Such dynamic adjustments provide adaptive beamforming, wavefront path diversity, and where needed, noise cancellation.

    This antenna radiates with a typical peak omnidirectional gain of +2 dBil, in free space, and +4 to +5 dBil, when mounted on a large metal surface of at least 10"/25 cm in radius.

    UL-1702-W660 Technical Specifications

    • Frequency range: 690-2200 MHz (no gaps)
    • Coverage: Omni-directional
    • Polarization: Linear, Vertical
    • Gain: +2 dBil typical (+4 to +5 dBil when mounted on a metal structure >10"/25 cm in radius)
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF), Open Circuit (DC)
    • Input Power: 100 Watts CW (PIM -140 dBc)
    • VSWR: 2.0 typical
    • Connector: N Female on 12" LMR-195 style cable
    • Dimensions:
      • Housing: 10 cm (4") average OD x 15.3 cm (6") h
      • OD: 9.2 cm (3.6") at top
      • OD: 11.2 cm (4.4") at base
      • Mounting Thread: 5/8"-11 x 0.7" (18 mm) L
    • Operating Temperatures: -40°C to +85°C
    • Weight: 300 g / 0.8 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 400 g / 1.0 lbs (shipped individually)


    • Does not require a ground plane for normal operation, but may be installed on a ground plane for enhanced operation
    • Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice
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