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Hemispherical Antenna structures have their radiation distributed primarily over a hemisphere (half of space).

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GOES Antenna
Price: $166.21
Availability: Approx 3-4 Weeks
Item #: UC-4024-328 -

    Argos - GOES Antenna, Description The UC-4024-328 GOES Antenna is a compact Quadrifilar Helix antenna (8 cm/3" OD x 16 cm/6" H) designed to operate through NOAA GOES geostationary satellites and CLS Argos low orbiting satellites. This antenna's compact size, weather resistance and gain makes it well suited for Argos marine uses and remote GOES sensor stations. It is also ideal for portable telemetry use. Argos - GOES Antenna Specifications: Frequency range: 400-406 MHz Coverage:...

    UC-4364-513 RevA UHF Amateur Radio Satellite Antenna
    Price: $166.21
    Availability: approx. 2 weeks
    Item #: UC-4364-513 -

      UHF Amateur Satellite Antenna with built-in Preamplifier/LNA The UC-4364-513 is an amplified version of our model UC-4364-328 ( UC-4364-328 page ). It is a compact Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (8 cm/3" OD x 16 cm/6" H) designed to receive Amateur Radio satellite signals, without requiring an antenna rotator. This 70 cm band QFHA incorporates a 15 dB Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) near the antenna's feedpoint, providing for a low overall receiving system Noise Figure (and sensitivity). By having an LNA...

      Orbcomm Antenna
      Price: $248.21
      Availability: Approx 7 days
      Item #: UC-1374-531-Orbcomm -

        Orbcomm Antenna description Orbcomm Antenna, model UC-1374-531 is a +4 dBic Quadrifilar Helix with dimensions: 16 cm/6" OD x 62 cm/24.5" H, designed for Orbcomm satellite use on land or sea platforms. The Orbcomm network is very good at servicing short messages (sensory data, tracking and Internet of Things or IoT) from assets worldwide. Through its large constellation of satellites, Orbcomm usually delivers such messages within 15 minutes. It is the only commercial satellite network operating...

        VHF Amateur Satellite Antenna
        Price: $193.21
        Availability: CALL
        Item #: UC-1464-433 -

          NOTICE: This antenna model has been replaced by the higher gain version UC-1464-531, +4 dBic VHF Satellite Antenna. You may still acquire the UC-1464-433 model by special request. Please call us in advance of your order for an estimate of availability/leadtime. The UC-1464-433 is a compact Quadrifilar Helix antenna (16 cm/6" OD x 32 cm/12.5" H) designed to operate through Amateur Radio satellites, without requiring an antenna rotator. The goal of this product is to offer Radio Amateurs with...