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Original antennas made in the US, by us, for the greater World

Price: $465.23

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    USA Version (default): UL-ADSB-KIT-USA (1090+978 MHz) $465.23 International Version: UL-ADSB-KIT-INT (1090 MHz only) $331.23

    ADS-B Kit, Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast Receiving Kit

    The ADS-B Kit may be used by hobbyists and professionals to contribute aircraft tracking data to benefit flight security and safety worldwide. You may contribute collected positional telemetry data to aggregators, such as FlightAware, FlightRadar and others. Often, these aggregators offer a free business account with privileged access and perks in return for your data. You also help Civil Aviation authorities worldwide with your contributed data. You do all the above by extending the reach of air traffic control (ATC) assets. You expand their feedback beyond local airport radar ranges. Indirectly, you also help pilots with information that might prevent an air collision.

    ADS-B participation by aircraft operators is currently mandated in many jurisdictions worldwide. For more information regarding ADS-B Out within the USA, visit the Federal Aviation Administration website pages relating to Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast information. Most aircraft will eventually be required to carry an ADS-B Out transponder/beacon. Drones are included in the mandate (currently, they may satisfy legal requirements at unlicensed bands). Presently, commercial aircraft and small, human piloted planes are generally required to emit their positional information in much of the world. The smaller, low-flying planes, operating below a height of 18,000 ft (5.5 km) in the US, may alternatively provide their position at 978 MHz (978UAT transponder). Above this height and elsewhere in the world, aircraft typically advise their positions at 1090 MHz (1090ES transponder). For US FAA ADS-B Out mandate details and legal requirements, consult Federal Regulations 14 CFR 91.225. Please note that additional requirements may apply in addition to those by the FAA.

    Our UL-ADSB-KIT includes the capability to simultaneously receive ADS-B positional data at both bands: 978 MHz and 1090 MHz. It includes sharp filters about both frequencies. This feature enables reliable operation in very noisy electromagnetic environments, such as airports and surroundings. Our Kit is intended for ground receiving sites: the Low Noise Amplifier filters include an isolation greater than 30 dB at the ADS-B In channel of 1030 MHz. This makes the Kit ideal for use where ADS-B In transmitters usually exist (normally at airports).

    The UL-ADSB-KIT-USA includes the following items:

    Optional add-on items to UL-ADSB-Kit:

    • Optional USB Dongle Software Defined Radio Receiver (not included in standard Kit)

      Optional (not included in standard Kit) USB Software Defined Radio with built-in Bias Tee. A USB Dongle made by RTL-SDR Blog. We purchase it from the manufacturer's Amazon page. We verify Bias-Tee is working correctly. We also check its operation at 1090/978 MHz and include it in the Kit at cost ($29.95). For further details on the Receiver, see the Dongle's Amazon page at:
      RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio (Dongle Only). You may need 1 or 2, depending on whether you wish to monitor the primary frequency of 1090 MHz, or both 1090 and 978 MHz.
      NOTE: not included in the standard Kit (optional). Item subject to availability, due to IC shortages.


    • Antenna does not require a ground plane for normal operation
    • RTL-SDR USB Receiver Dongle/s are not included in the standard Kit. You may optionally add 1 or 2 to the Kit via the above drop-down menu. Item/s available at the listed additional cost.
    Availability, specifications & prices subject to change without notice