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Weather Satellite Antenna
Weather Satellite Antenna
Weather Satellite Antenna
UC-1374-531R Elevation Pattern
NOAA-18 Image of Southern Brazil weather, using a UC-1374-531R antenna (21/Oct/2011-1921 UTC, courtesy of L. Souza)
NOAA-18 Image of Tropical Storm Philippe using a UC-1374-531R antenna (1/Oct/2011-0741 UTC, courtesy of C. Stampf)

UC-1374-531, +4 dBic VHF APT Weather Satellite Antenna (WXSAT)

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    The UC-1374-531 is a small, +4 dBic Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (16 cm/6" OD x 62 cm/24.5" H) designed to operate in the APT Weather Satellite Band of 137 MHz to 138 MHz (137-138 MHz). It is the higher gain version of our model UC-1374-433 Antenna. It is used to receive NOAA (US), METEOSAT (EU) and METEOR (Russian Federation), Weather Satellite data feeds, using wideband FM receivers, such as those used by Radio Amateurs and VHF Enthusiasts. Weather maps can be received directly from a number of polar orbiting satellites (POES) and geosynchronous orbiting satellites (GOES) with such receivers. Alternatively, dedicated, low cost Weather Satellite receivers are available to build your own Weather Satellite receive station (WX Satellite). A beginners guide to Automatic Picture Transmission Weather Satellite Reception can be found at APT Weather Satellite Reception. For details on the Weather Satellites, visit the NOAA/NESDIS pages for Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES), or the EUMETSAT site for Satellite Data, or the Meteor Satellites page by Anatoly Zak.

    Note* This antenna is solely intended and designed for weather hobbyist and private use. It may not be used for any other purposes than those cited.

    In some of the images above, you will notice narrow horizontal bands of noise (black or missing dots/lines). They are due to multipath interference from the ground at their corresponding elevation angles. The satellite image is constructed by assembling narrow horizontal camera sweeps, the actual, uniform travel of the satellite (for example, South to North) is responsible for the vertical sweep (for example, bottom to top of screen) [similar to how a computer printer renders a photo]. That is why dips in signal strength produce noisy horizontal bands [similar to when an inkjet printer is almost out of ink, you get horizontal streaks of unprinted color].

    NOTE: to receive Weather Satellite images, you will need an antenna (like the UC-1374-531R), a sensitive VHF receiver capable of FM signals from 137.0 to 138.0 MHz with an audio output (earphone jack), WXSAT software (freeware available) and a computer. We only sell the UC-1374-531R antenna component. Links above have pointers to sources of WXSAT/APT receivers for purchase.


    • Frequency range: 137-138 MHz (VHF WXSAT Band)
    • Coverage: Omni-directional, Hemispherical
    • Polarization: Circular (AR 1 dB)
    • Peak Gain: +4 dBic (free space) [up to +6 dBic if properly mounted over a ground plane/ground]
      Elevation pattern (free space - NO Ground Plane)
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF) / Short Circuit (DC)
    • Input Power: Receive only service (<5 Watt CW)
    • VSWR: 2.0 GRAPH
    • Connector: Type N, Female on side
    • Dimensions:
      • Housing 16 cm (6") OD x 62 cm (24.5") h
      • Bottom flange 19 cm (7.5") OD x 12 mm (0.5") h
    • Mounting: 8 screws, M6 (#1/4-20)
    • Operating Temperatures: -40C to +85C
    • Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)

    Click here to see DRAWING, UC-1374-531 WXSAT Antenna


    • Does not require a ground plane

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