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To determine the approximate loss of 3/4" NMO cable assemblies, click on the appropriate chart below and multiply the unit length attenuation from the graph by the total coaxial cable length requested in the same unit of measure, for example: a 10 m length of LMR-195 cable at 1.575 GHZ (GPS L1 frequency) has an attenuation of 0.48 dB/m x 10 m = 4.8 dB (output is about a third of the original power).

3/4" NMO cable assembly

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NMO Mount, NMO Cable Assembly
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Item #: CAB-NMO75-LMR195- -

    3/4" NMO Cable Assembly: 3/4" hole NMO Connector (also called a 3/4" hole NMO Mount) at one end, LMR-195 (or equivalent, such as HPF195) Coaxial Cable (Teflon insulator, 0.2" OD PE jacket). Select cable length and RF connector at other end. The NMO Mount or NMO connector (Motorola Mobile connector) is used with mobile radio antennas having an NMO interface/base.