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X-Band Omnidirectional HPOL Antenna
Price: $1,068.24
Availability: Approx 3-4 Weeks
Item #: SL-9402-386 -

    Leadtime: 4 Weeks ARO X-Band, Omnidirectional Antenna, Description This antenna was originally designed to be used by RACONs, or RAdar beaCONs: a device normally used to mark the location of a Lighthouse or a Marine Buoy, as an aid to maritime navigation. RACONs operate within the X-band range of 9.32-9.50 GHz. Traditionally, a RACON signal identified itself on a radar screen as a dash line, followed by a Morse Code signature. The SL-9402-386 was developed as the antenna component of a RACON...

    UC-1614-341RM Combination Satellite Antenna
    Price: $130.23
    Availability: No Stock - In our manufacturing queue
    Item #: UC-1614-341RM -

      Passive GLONASS, BeiDou, GPS, GNSS, Iridium Combination Antenna The UC-1614-341RM is a Quadrifilar Helix antenna (4 cm/1.5" OD x 11 cm/4.5" H) designed for use with GPS L1, 1.5754 GHz receivers, Russian GLONASS Navigation System and 1.6 GHz Iridium modems/transceivers. UC-1614-341RM Specifications: Frequency range: 1565-1585, 1600-1630 MHz Coverage: Hemispherical Polarization: Right-Handed, Circular (AR 3 dB) Gain: +2 dBic Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF) Input Power: 1 Watt CW VSWR: 2.0 GRAPH...

      UL-4000-319-CF Custom Tuned Mobile Radio Antenna
      Price: $217.24
      Availability: Approx 3-4 Weeks
      Item #: UL-4000-319-CF -

        Lead time is typically 2 weeks Custom Tuned UHF Mobile Radio Antenna, Description This item is identical to UL-4600-319 and others in the -319 series of Mobile Radio Antennas, except that the tuned frequency is specified by the client for a specific need. Lead Time for this item is 2 weeks, to allow our technicians to make the required adjustments to the specified frequency. This is a broadband, rugged, mobile radio antenna featuring a high ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) isolation. With modest...