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IEEE:     VHF UHF bands
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VHF UHF Antenna spectrum

VHF UHF Antennas are very popular for Line of Sight (LOS) communications. Such comms include television, mobile radio (LMR, SMR), walkie-talkies, military satcom, aviation, amateur radio, etc. Within this spectrum, waves propagate mostly in straight lines with a low loss, as the wavelength is short enough that the wavefront is not significantly attenuated by its groundwave component, while at the same time, it is long enough to interact with atmospheric bulk properties and plasma, allowing signals to propagate beyond the horizon, oftentimes well beyond the same.

Within the present spectrum, a number of dual-band antennas are listed, one covering the a VHF frequency and the other, a UHF band, permitting the user to operate two bands within a single aerial. Also, Military Satcom and remote control radios operate at the transition between VHF and UHF.

Perhaps the most popular of all services within this region of the radio spectrum is Television. Traditionally, it ranged from 50 MHz (channel 2) to 216 MHz (channel 13) at VHF, and from 470 MHz (channel 14) to 806 MHz (channel 69) at UHF. With the introduction of spectrally efficient Digital TV, the Television spectrum is being reallocated to other services, with most HDTV channels now residing only within UHF.

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UL-4150-315 Full
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    Flexible whip antenna on threaded mount for portable and fixed products with MMCX Male connector. Ground Strip not included.

    VHF Mobile Aircraft Band Antenna
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      VL-1220-392, NMO VHF Mobile Aircraft Band Antenna, 118-136 MHz, 15" tall, spring base, electrically conductive chassis/ground plane required for proper operation Frequency range: 118-136 MHz Coverage: Omni-directional, low azimuthal ripple (1 dB) Polarization: Linear, Vertical Gain: +4 dBil Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm Input Power: 50 Watts CW VSWR: 3.0 over 90% of the band Connector: NMO, Female Dimensions: 5 cm (2") OD x 38 cm (15") h Mounting: NMO connector Operating Temperatures: -40C to +85C...