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UL-9001-333 Full
Price: $60.24
Availability: approx. 2 weeks
Item #: UL-9001-333 -

    The UL-9001-333 RFID/Low Power application antenna and RF coupler was developed in response to catalog visitor requests. This antenna was designed for use in close proximity of or near RFID tags, particularly when the tag is placed on a large body, capable of detuning commonly used RFID reader antennas. Exposed metal surfaces within the antenna are grounded to the RF connector's shield, as a precaution, in the unexpected event there are combustible gases present. Only the RF connector's center...

    UL-9001-333 Full
    Price: $71.24
    Availability: approx. 2 weeks
    Item #: UL-9001-333-CF -

      Embeddable Flat Antenna, Custom Frequency The UL-9001-333-CF Custom Frequency, Factory Tuned, Flat Antenna was developed for applications needing a temporary or relocatable solution that is small and economical. Use it with your wireless speakers, wireless modem, cellular phone (single band only), or any other radio device operating within the range of 600-2500 MHz. This antenna can be conveniently mounted to a glass surface, or to any other non-conducting material. It may be attached behind...