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    UC-3004-481 Data

    Tacsat Antenna Description

    Tacsat Antenna model UC-3004-481 is a lightweight, low observable, compact UHF Satcom antenna system. The polarization of this Tactical X-Wing is Circular, intended for communications via UHF MUOS satellites (DAMA/IW/WCDMA). When used on its high gain mount, it can be utilized with UFO and earlier satellites. Its radiating elements are flexible and difficult to see at a distance, from any view angle. The small Tacsat Antenna can be stowed in a very small pouch, or webbed onto a backpack.

    UHF Line of Sight communications can be maintained with this antenna. When operated as an intra-team aerial, its circular polarization offers natural diversity, reducing the intensity of multipath. Variants for other operating frequencies may be requested as indicated below.

    Key features of this tactical antenna

    • Small and Lightweight, stows in a typical trouser/jeans pocket, or a small pouch (4"/10 cm x 4"/10 cm)
    • Difficult to see/spot at a distance
    • Quick deployment (take out of pocket/pouch, connect to cable and you are ready to communicate)
    • Modular - one antenna can serve multiple purposes/platforms
    • Compatible with all the accessories of our UC-3004-381 Mini-UHF X-Wing antennas, which include
      • High Gain Mount (ACC-0005)*, doubles the gain (adds 3 dB) when installed on a metal surface larger than 28"/70 cm x 28"/70 cm, or on the ground
      • Suction Cup Mount (ACC-0005 + ACC-0002), to attach to non-metal and metal, smooth surfaces
      • Magnetic/Mag Mount (ACC-0005 + ACC-0003 or ACC-0001), to attach to ferrous metal surfaces
      • Bolt-on, AV 2090-4 hole pattern compatible, direct Vehicle Mount (ACC-0005 + ACC-0008)
      • Stake/Ground Mount (ACC-0005 + ACC-0013)
      • Standard Camera Tripod (ACC-0005)
      • Make your own bracket - all you need is a 1/4" (6.4 mm) hole
    • Antenna elements may be webbed onto a backpack for tactical, on-foot COTM (Communications-On-The-Move)
    • In its normal orientation (connector pointing towards the ground), the UC-3004-481R is RHC Polarized (Right Hand), flip it upside down (connector points to the sky) and polarization will change to LHCP (Left Hand)
    Avaliable in January 2021:
    : DPLU-0310-680 (N-Male to N-Female: DAMA/IW + BNC Female: WCDMA)

    X-Wing Polarization Note

    RHCP Region: Where satellite should be when using the UC-3004-481R Tacsat Antenna

    Additional Capabilities

    For on-foot (dismounted) satellite access for infantry/special operations, you might prefer our UC-3004-581 Smart Spider(TM) Antenna instead. It has a built-in LNA that kicks-in during DAMA/IW receive, to boost downlink signals, providing between +7 dBic to over +13 dBic effective RX gain, depending on the radio used.

    Further information about the UC-3004-481R Antenna, including additional capabilities, expanded features and customized variants, is available per special request. Call us to discuss your requirements at 954-345-5000. Alternatively, email us at .

    Technical Specifications UC-3004-481 Datasheet

    • Operating Frequencies:
      • Original model, UC-3004-481R: 243-318 MHz
      • Rev A model, UC-3004-481AR: 243-380 MHz (useable 225-400 MHz)
    • Polarization: Circular (CP) [model -481R_ is RHCP]
    • Axial Ratio: 2 dB
    • Maximum Power: 50 Watts CW (Continuous operation)
    • Gain (peak):
    • Azimuthal Coverage: Omnidirectional
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms (RF), short circuit (DC)
    • Maximum VSWR: 3.0 (under 2.5 typical) VSWR Plot - Rev A model VSWR Plot
    • Connector Interface: Type N, female
    • Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C (-40F to 185F)
    • Dimensions: 14 in tip-tip, can fit in a 10 cm x 10 cm (4 in x 4 in) pouch (not supplied)
    • Weight: 130 g (0.28 lbs)

    * Mounted on a metallic surface

    This Tactical X-Wing is compatible with the following Accessories:

    Recommended Cable Assemblies

    Specify desired length from drop-down menu

    Specify desired connector for the radio end: (usually Type N, TNC or BNC Male)

     AN/PRC-152  TNC Male Connector
     AN/PRC-117  BNC Male Connector
     AN/PRC-148 (MBITR)
     TNC Male Connector
     LST-5  Type N Male
     AN/PSC-5  BNC Male Connector
     AN/PRC-119  BNC Male Connector
     AN/PRC-139  TNC Male Connector
     AN/PRC-113  BNC Male Connector
     Motorola Saber  SMA Female Connector
     Motorola XTS 3000  SMA Female Connector
     Motorola XTS 5000  SMA Female Connector

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