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    UC-3004-581R Data

    SmartSpider® Antenna Description

    Smart Spider® Antenna model UC-3004-581R is a Patented, lightweight, tactical, low observable, compact UHF Satcom-On-The-Move Active X-Wing antenna system. It enables dismounted UHF Satcom and IBS/CIB reception, while dynamically engaged in operations. In other words, this SOTM Antenna enables infantry & special operations without a pause. The Smart Spider® is a great tool for the collection of UHF Satcom Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS), Common Interactive Broadcast (CIB) signals for Infantry and expeditionary forces.

    The polarization of this antenna is Circular (CP), intended primarily for communications through UHF MUOS, UFO and Legacy Satellites. It spans the spectrum from 243 MHz to 320 MHz (243-320 MHz) for DAMA/IW and 300 to 320 MHz/360 MHz to 380 MHz (300-320/360-380 MHz) for WCDMA. Its radiating elements are flexible and are difficult to see at a distance, from any view angle. The Smart Spider™ Antenna can be stowed in a small pouch and webbed onto a backpack.

    A Satcom-On-The-Move Active X-Wing

    The Smart Spider® contains an embedded Low Noise Amplifier that provides additional sensitivity and gain needed to close the link, while remaining omnidirectional. Its Intelligent Antenna features and internal, redundant rechargeable batteries provide the needed power for up to 10 days of continuous operation on a single 4-hour charge. It automatically switches between transmit and receive operation for full two-way DAMA/IW use, without any user intervention. Two-way WCDMA operation is supported in passive mode only.

    Smart Spider® Antenna in action (video)

    Below is a video of CONUS UHF Satcom signals received through a Communications Receiver and side-by-side full-size X-Wing and Smart Spider™ antennas.

    Video of UC-3004-581R Smart Spider(R) antenna in action, receiving CONUS UHF Satcom control signals
    Video of UC-3004-581R Smart Spider® antenna in action, receiving CONUS UHF Satcom control signals

    Upcoming Smart Spider™ Plus and Additional Capabilities

    Smart Spider™ Plus: We are currently augmenting the UC-3004-581R UHF Satcom antenna to add L-/S-/C-/X-/Ku-band cross-band capabilities to existing and legacy field radios, useable in mounted and dismounted configurations. The Solar Cell is being removed to add this new functionality. Contact us for additional information. The release of these new capabilities is based on interest or need.

    Additional Capabilities: Further information about the UC-3004-581R Smart Spider™ Antenna, including additional capabilities, expanded features and customized variants is available per special request. Call us at 954-345-5000, or email us at .

    Key features of this SOTM Antenna

    • Small and Lightweight, can be stowed in a small pouch (6" x 6" x 2" or 15 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm)
    • Difficult to see/spot at a distance
    • One button and automatic-ON operation (press and forget)
    • Self-powered (a 4 hour charge will typically support continuous operation for up to 10 days)
    • Auto Two-mode internal charger (RF Quiet/Voltage tolerant) supports charging from 5-16 V sources, observes USB-2 charging limits when powered from a standard USB port
    • Built-in solar cell extends operation lifetime
    • Compatible with the following accessories:
      • High Gain Mount (ACC-0581), doubles the gain (adds 3 dB) when installed on a metal surface larger than 28"/70 cm x 28"/70 cm, or on the ground
      • Suction Cup Mount (ACC-0002), to attach to non-metal and metal, smooth surfaces
      • Magnetic/Mag Mount (ACC-0003-581 or ACC-0001-581), to attach to ferrous metal surfaces
      • Bolt-on, AV 2090, 4 hole pattern compatible, direct Vehicle Mount (ACC-0008)
      • Universal Antenna Ground Mount Stake (ACC-0013)
      • Standard Camera Tripod
      • Make your own bracket - all you need is a 1/4" (6.4 mm) hole
    • Antenna elements may be webbed onto a backpack for Infantry, on-foot SOTM (Satcom-On-The-Move)
    • In its normal orientation (solar cell/display at top), the UC-3004-581R is RHC Polarized (Right Hand)
    • May be transported on passenger aircraft, or shipped via common carrier without any special UN markings
    • Waterproof to 3 m (6 ft)
    • Patented technology

    UC-3004-581R Technical Specifications

    • Operating Frequencies: 243-320 MHz, 360-380 MHz
    • Polarization: Right Handed Circular (RHCP)
    • Axial Ratio: 2 dB
    • Maximum Power: 25 Watts
    • Gain (peak):
    • Azimuthal Coverage: Omnidirectional
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms (RF), open circuit (DC) (internally DC protected to 16 VDC)
    • Maximum VSWR: 3.0 (under 2.5 typical)
    • Connector Interface: SMA, female
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    • Dimensions: 16 in tip-tip, can fit in a 15 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm (6 in x 6 in x 2 in) volume
    • Weight: 300 g (0.60 lbs)

    * Mounted on a metallic surface

    The UC-3004-581R Smart Spider Antenna is compatible with the following Antenna Accessories:

    Recommended Cable Assemblies

    Specify desired length from drop-down menu

    Specify desired connector for the radio end: (usually Type N, TNC or BNC Male)

    AN/PRC-152 TNC Male Connector
    AN/PRC-117 BNC Male Connector
    AN/PRC-148 (MBITR)
    TNC Male Connector
    LST-5 Type N Male
    AN/PSC-5 BNC Male Connector
    AN/PRC-119 BNC Male Connector
    AN/PRC-139 TNC Male Connector
    AN/PRC-113 BNC Male Connector
    Motorola Saber SMA Female Connector
    Motorola XTS 3000 SMA Female Connector
    Motorola XTS 5000 SMA Female Connector
    Availability, specifications & prices subject to change without notice