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    Accessory: High/Low UHF Satcom Mount

    Available November 2021
    Preliminary Information

    The ACC-0381 High/Low Angle UHF Satcom Mount is used in conjunction with either X-Wing Antenna UC-3004-381 or Tacsat Antenna UC-3004-481 as an accessory, to increase the antenna's gain passively for satellite circuits by 3 dB (doubles the antenna gain). It also has a built-in secondary antenna to enable Line Of Sight/LOS communications, or to operate through low angle or near horizon satellites. The ACC-0381 must be mounted on a metal surface, such as the chassis of a vehicle or a ground plane. This provides the main antenna (UC-3004-381R or UC-3004-481R) the optimum height for satellite operation (High Angle circuit). It also provides the Mount's internal antenna a counterpoise against which to operate for Low elevation Angle communications circuits (Line of Sight, airborne and near horizon satellites).

    The ACC-0381 mount is compatible with 13 cm (5") x 8 cm (3") X-Wing Direct Bolt Mount