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    3/8" NMO Cable Assembly and Mount (LMR-195 Coaxial Cable)

    The 3/8" NMO Cable Assembly consists of a 3/8" hole NMO Connector (also called a 3/8" hole NMO Mount) at one end of an LMR-195 type Coaxial Cable (or equivalent, such as HPF195, Teflon insulator, 0.2" OD PE jacket), and your chosen connector termination at the other end from the menu list. The latter is intended to connect with the radio equipment, usually a transceiver, within the vehicle.

    Please measure the approximate distance the cable will be traversing, plus a safety/service loop. Ten, select the closest cable length from the drop-down list.

    The NMO Mount or NMO connector is a common (popular) and standard interface for mobile radio antennas. Standard NMO connectors may be used at frequencies under 1 GHz.

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