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    The UC-AMSAT-KITP, Passive 2 m / 70 cm Amateur Satellite Antenna Kit (QFH) is a discounted bundle combination of quantity 1 each of the following two passive antenna products, supporting old Modes J & B, or new Modes VU & UV:

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    All of our Amateur Satellite antennas now have a connector at the antenna's housing, enabling us to maintain stock and be responsive to orders. Prior models had customizable cable lengths that prevented them from being stocked as finished product, leading to longer leadtimes.

    The default UC-AMSAT-KITP kit includes (you can customize the kit):

    • One (1) UC-1464-531L LHCP VHF antenna
    • One (1) UC-4364-328R RHCP UHF antenna
    • One (1) CAB-SMAM-LMR195-300-NM SMA Male to N Male, 25 ft LMR-195 style/equivalent cable assembly
    • One (1) CAB-NM-LMR195-300-NM Type N Male to Type N Male, 25 ft LMR-195 style/equivalent cable assembly

    Polarization, connector and cable customizations may be selected above, using the dropdown menus (Only the default selections are as listed above).

    The above antennas and kit are also applicable to the SatNOGS project. We also offer relevant LNAs for both, the VHF and UHF bands. See LNA Category.

    If you desire additional preferences and/or combinations, e-mail us, call us or submit your recommendations. We will be happy to include any useful suggestions and/or changes to the above defaults.

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    Availability, specifications & prices subject to change without notice