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    Tri-Band US 3G Antenna + UMTS (834-896 MHz/1850-1990 MHz/2110-2170 MHz) Description

    The UL-1400-T345U is a versatile, Tri-Band, US Cellular and HSDPA/UMTS High Speed Wireless Modem antenna. It measures 4 cm/1.5" OD x 11 cm/4.5" H and is designed to conveniently mount onto any structure, by means of a single 1/4" (6.4 mm) hole. Its internal radiating structure is self-contained and operates well with or without a ground plane. Therefore, it can be mounted on a non-conductive support, as needed by your application.

    Use this product with any Cellular/Mobile telephone, or a 3G high speed modem (such as an AirCard). Various connector options are offered to interface either directly with the device, or to a standard cable adapter. Through the use of an external antenna with your telephone, you will notice an improvement in signal sensitivity (reception) and coverage. Install the external antenna high enough, and you will also increase your phone's line of sight (generally extends phone's range, particularly if a low-loss coaxial cable is used between the phone and the elevated antenna). An example case study can be found here --> Extending Cellular coverage of a mobile home using a passive repeater scheme.

    The UL-1400-T345U connects directly into certain 3G High Speed Modems. See below Compatibility List and select the desired connector from the drop-down menu above

    SMA Connector:

    Sierra Wireless
    - AirLink Raven XT
    - AirLink Raven XE
    - AirLink Raven X
    - AirLink GX400
    - AirLink PinPoint X
    - AirLink PinPoint XT

    Ericsson W25

    Huawei E968
    Huawei E960
    Huawei B970
    Huawei B933
    Huawei B932
    SSMB Connector:

    Sierra Wireless
    - AirCard 881U
    - AirCard 881E
    - AirCard 881
    - AirCard 880U
    - AirCard 880E
    - AirCard 880
    - APEX 880
    - AirCard 875
    - AirCard 850
    - AirCard 775
    - AirCard 597E
    - AirCard 580
    - AirCard 555D

    Huawei E880
    Huawei E870
    Huawei E800

    Sony Ericsson EC400G
    Sony Ericsson EC400
    Sony Ericsson PC300
    TS-9 Connector:

    Sierra Wireless
    - AirCard 504
    - AirCard 503
    - AirCard 502
    - AirCard 501
    - AirCard 402
    - AirCard USB 598
    - AirCard USB 309
    - AirCard USB 308
    - AirCard USB 307
    - AirCard USB 306
    - AirCard USB 305
    - AirCard USB 302
    - AirCard USB 301
    - Compass 889
    - Compass 888
    - Compass 885
    - Compass 597
    - AirCard 310U
    - AirCard 250U
    - AirCard 319U

    Novatel USB760
    Novatel USB727
    Novatel U727
    Novatel MC760
    Novatel MC727

    ZTE MF668+
    ZTE MF668
    ZTE MF645

    AT&T USBConnect Lightning
    AT&T USBConnect Mercury

    Sprint 598U
    CRC9 Connector:

    Huawei E881E
    Huawei E660A
    Huawei E630
    Huawei E620
    Huawei E618
    Huawei E612
    Huawei E600
    Huawei UMG181
    Huawei UMG1691
    Huawei E1820
    Huawei E182
    Huawei E176G
    Huawei E1762
    Huawei E176
    Huawei E169
    Huawei E166
    Huawei E1612
    Huawei E160G
    Huawei E160E
    Huawei E160
    Huawei E156G
    Huawei E156
    Huawei E122
    TNC Connector:

    Sierra Wireless
    - AirLink PinPoint X
    MCX Connector:

    Ericsson W35
    Ericsson W30

    UL-1400-T345U Technical Specifications:

    • Frequency range: 834-896 MHz (AMPS/CDMA/GSM 850), 1850-1990 MHz (PCS 1900) and 2110-2170 MHz (UMTS)
    • Coverage: Omnidirectional (2 dB ripple)
    • Polarization: Linear, typically Vertical
    • Gain: +2 dBil (free space) / +5 dBil (when effectively installed over a ground plane)
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF)
    • Input Power: 10 Watt CW
    • VSWR: 2.0 GRAPH
    • Connector: SMA, Male on 24" High Temperature, Flexible RG-316 cable, Black (default)
    • Dimensions:
      • Housing 4 cm (1.5") OD x 11 cm (4.5") h
      • Bottom flange 5 cm (2") OD x 13 mm (0.5") h
    • Mounting: 1 screw, 1/4"-20
    • Operating Temperatures: -40C to +85C
    • Weight: 250 g / 0.5 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 300 g / 0.6 lbs
    • Does not require a ground plane
    • Compatible with ACC-0001 & ACC-0003 Magnets (see "More Information" tab)
    • Compatible with ACC-0002 Suction Cup Mount (see "More Information" tab)
    • Compatible with any standard Camera Tripod

    This product is compatible with the following Antenna Accessories:

    Availability, specifications & prices subject to change without notice