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    Bias Tee Description

    The BIT-1500-385 is a Bias Tee network used to supply DC power through a coaxial cable, usually to drive a remote Low Noise Amplifier or Radio Frequency system (sensor, detector, etc.) It is a 3 port (connector) device, each port carrying the following signals: (1) RF+DC, (2) DC only and (3) RF only. Port (1) is connected to the remote device, providing it with power and with a means to deliver an RF output simultaneously. Although both signals share the same coaxial cable, they are isolated from each other. Port (2) is connected to a suitable power supply to provide the necessary energy to run the remote system. Port (3) is connected to a radio device, often a receiver, which may be sensitive to the presence of DC voltages or may be shunted for ESD (Electro-Static Discharge). For these reasons, this port is void of the DC voltage (DC voltage is equal to the natural voltage present at the radio device's connector, typically 0 volt).

    A bias "T" allows you the ability to insert DC power into a coaxial cable carrying radio signals, in a controlled fashion. The insertion loss or signal penalty for enjoying this capability is low (typically 1 dB). Attempting to just "connect" DC power and the RF signal without a bias "T" results in unpredictable RF performance. It may even be harmful to the radio device you might be using (it can destroy or fatigue the gate channel of a sensitive FET amplifier often found in receiver front ends).

    BIT-1500-385 Technical Specifications BIT-1500-385 Datasheet

    • Frequency range: 50-6000 MHz
    • Insertion Loss: 1 dB
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF) IN/OUT
    • RF Power Handling: 1W (+30 dBm) Maximum
    • VSWR: 2.0
    • DC isolation (RF only port): 100 Volts
    • DC Current capability: 300 mA
    • Max. DC Voltage (Power port): 50 VDC
    • Connector: SMA Female on all ports
    • Dimensions: 38 mm (1.5") x 38 mm (1.5") x 6.5 mm (0.25"), not including connectors
    • Mounting: Direct mount or 2-4 M3 (4-40) screws
    • Operating Temperatures: -40C to +85C
    • Weight: 200 g / 0.4 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 250 g / 0.5 lbs
    • Color: Black

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