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    Model UL-1501-B347 is a lossless* (efficient), passive broadband antenna suitable for general two-way communications at any frequency from 500 MHz to 3.0 GHz, without any need for tuning. Other applications of this antenna include omnidirectional broadband receiving, spectrum monitoring, scanners, and low dispersion jamming. Its 50 Watt handling capability allows its use as a single-port, multi-function antenna, enabling multiple, simultaneous communications/RF operations, through the use of adequate diplexers.

    Operation beyond 3 GHz is well supported by this design; however, variations in gain are to be expected, as with any large/travelling wave antenna. Operation below 500 MHz is supported in receive only applications, or at low power (under 5 Watts), with the aid of impedance matching. Gain drops rather rapidly below 300 MHz (as with any other antenna of comparable size). Contact Engineering for further support. Fixed mounting options are available.

    * NOTE: by "lossless", we imply that no resistor network (attenuator) is used to achieve broadband matching

    SPECIFICATIONS Frequency range: 0.5-3.0 GHz
    Coverage: Omni-directional
    Polarization: Linear, Vertical
    Gain: +1 to +3 dBil
    Nominal Impedance: 50 ohm (RF), Open Circuit (DC) for potential use as a very broadband surveillance receive antenna (inquire for more information)
    VSWR: 2.0 typical GRAPH: VSWR 40 MHz to 5.0 GHz
    RF Power Handling: 50 Watts CW
    Connector: TNC, Female
    • Radome/Housing 10 cm (4") OD (max) x 61 cm (24") Height
    • Mounting flange 10 cm (4") Diameter
    Mounting: 4 x 1/4-20 screws

    • Does not require a ground plane
    • This antenna is subject to export controls
    Availability, specifications & prices subject to change without notice